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Serious Nutrition Tracker TM


"The best calorie-counting app" - Men's Health UK, Rock Hard Apps JAN/FEB 2010

The only one who can affect change in your life is you. Take control of your health. It is time to get serious.

Serious Nutrition Tracker is tool designed to help you analyze your diet. If you are dedicated to becoming proactive and creating lasting change; or are active and need detailed/accurate diet tracking: this is the app for you.

This app IS NOT a quick fix.
This app IS NOT a restaurant and processed food database.
This app IS a serious tool designed to help you take control of your nutrition.

Serious Nutrition tracker has a unique multi-database design. It allows you to create, manage, and share your own food nutrition labels. If your food does not have a label, you can look it up in the built-in common foods database. There is even a feature to combine labels for meals and recipes.

It also offers robust statistical features - including graphs that isolate individual nutrients and charts that provide time-frame averages and totals, as well as per item statistics. This makes it easy to locate spikes in consumption and identify the cause.

See Details for a full description. Check out Tutorials for instructional videos and frequently asked questions, so that you can get the most out of the app. Also, be sure to visit the Contact section of the site, where you can join the Facebook group, Twitter feed, or contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions for the next version. v2.0 was built by the community and will continue to grow.

I am serious about helping you achieve your goals

Men's Health UK JAN/FEB 2010


v2.1.3 is available now. It fixes a display bug in European time zones.

v2.1.2 is available now. It adds the ability to sort your daily consumption by net carbohydrate.

v2.1.0 is available now. It adds the following updates:

  • You will be able to export/import food databases as text files that can be edited in spreadsheet programs.
  • You can sort your consumption by nutrient to track down high sodium, trans fat, etc.
  • The "Back" buttons on the Add Food and Combine Items screens will be changed to "Cancel".
  • You will be able to edit food consumption times and amounts without deleting and re-entering them.
  • The "Details" list - in daily statistics - will display the consumed energy along with the time of consumption and food name (don't forget that you can still press the item to see full details).
  • You will be able to record exercise times, so that they will appear on the consumption graph. This will allow you to more effectively gauge pre/post exercise nutrition/hydration. - our new exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle blog - Check it out!

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